Raspberry Pi VPN: Try Private Internet Access (PIA)

This is not an ad. I use PIA and find it both useful and affordable.

If you have been frustrated as I have with the implementation of VPN using Debian-based Raspberry PI Linux distros, you will be happy to know that PIA has created an ARM version of their VPN client software.

Head to their download page. You might have to log in.

Under Linux ARM, look for “arm64”.

The most recent version of the program as of this writing is: pia-linux-arm64-3.3.1-06924.run

Once you have downloaded it, in a terminal:

Change directories to the directory you downloaded the file in. In my case:
cd Downloads
Make the file executable:
chmod u+x pia-linux-armhf-3.1-06756.run
Launch the setup program:

Now you can simply log in and use the VPN program. Enjoy!

One thought on “Raspberry Pi VPN: Try Private Internet Access (PIA)”

  1. I think your last line was meant to be
    $ ./pia-linux-armhf-3.1-06756.run
    instead of
    ./chmod u+x pia-linux-armhf-3.1-06756.run

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