Migrate from Windows to Ubuntu with 3 lines in a terminal

You can obviously tailor this list to your needs, but with this post you can install at once these programs in a Debian-based distribution (x86 or Raspberry Pi!):
FTP, audio editor/streamer/player/tagger, office suite, radio streamer, remote desktop client, video editor, web browser, social media, disc utility, bit torrent client, email client, virtual machine, photo editor, CAD, CD burner, comic/ebook reader

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

sudo apt install filezilla audacity vlc rhythmbox thunderbird lynx mc krita libreoffice brasero gparted picard freecad transmission remmina obs-studio kid3-qt sound-juicer snapd p7zip-full p7zip-rar

Raspberry Pi has an ARM processor, so a few of these programs are unavailable. OBS Studio can be installed with this guide. Use this command instead:
sudo apt install filezilla audacity vlc rhythmbox thunderbird lynx mc libreoffice brasero gparted picard freecad transmission remmina kid3-qt sound-juicer snapd p7zip-full

(Reboot before you install anything with 'snap'):
sudo snap install freac foliate telegram-desktop

At the end of the page is an explanation of which programs do what.
Note: Every program on this list works on almost any Debian-based Raspberry Pi distribution, including Kali, Ubuntu Mate, Ubuntu Desktop, Raspberry PI OS

Raspberry Pi only: Tip for games and tweaks
There’s a CLI program called pi-kiss that can install multiple games, emulators, system configurations, tweaks, tools, scripts, etc.

curl -sSL https://git.io/JfAPE | bash

Launch the program:
cd /root/piKiss

FTP – Filezilla
Audio editing: Audacity
Audio playing: Rhythmbox and VLC
Web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Brave
Virtual machines: Boxes, Virtualbox
Games: Steam, Retroarch
Photo editing: Gimp, Krita
Cad: FreeCAD
CD Ripping: Fre:AC, Sound Juicer
CD Burner: Brasero
Comic book/eBook reader: Foliate
Social media/news: Telegram
Disc Utility: gparted
mp3 tagger: Musicbrainz Picard, Kid3
Office applications: LibreOffice
Video editing: OBS Studio
Remote Desktop: Remmina
Online music streaming radio: Shortwave, Rhythmbox
Email: Thunderbird
Bit torrent: Transmission

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