Using ProtonVPN with Ubuntu 20.04

If you are using ProtonVPN for your cell phone, you can also use it on an Ubuntu Linux installation. Here is the official guide, and I can confirm that it works and the guide is excellent.

Essentially installation on Ubuntu 20.04 involves going into your Ubuntu settings and selecting “network”, and hitting the “+” at VPN. From there you will “Import from file” and select the VPN config file you downloaded from the official guide. Once this file is selected, you can enter in your ‘OpenVPN / IKEv2 username’ from the ProtoVPN Dashboard “Account” section. Your new VPN configuration is ready and can be selected in the upper right-hand network icon.

2 thoughts on “Using ProtonVPN with Ubuntu 20.04”

  1. All this worked very nicely for me, and now I can see another ip interface by issuing the “ip address” command: tun0. From this I conclude: I am connected.

    But if I open now my Firefox and go to – it still tells me my “normal” ip address. From this I conclude: Even though I have now that VPN tunnel set up properly, Firefox is not using it.

    So my question is very simple: How can I ensure that the VPN tunnel is really being used from my Ubuntu Linux system?

  2. Sorry, I may have asked the same question already, but I do not find it any more!?

    So again: I did all the steps successfully, I am connected to the ProtonVPN on my Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, which I conclude from the fact that the “ip address” command gives me a “tun0” entry.

    But then, if I am using Firefox for surfing the internet, I seem to be at the exactly same internet location than before – according to websites like I do not understand this, because surfing “from another location” would be the most important reason for using a VPN at all – no?

    In the past I used VPN, another system, from my Android phone, and once I was connected to VPN, all that I did went through it.

    Now, with Ubuntu, I did not find any way to somehow “configure” here or there and get it working, so I am confused…

    Is there something basic that I am still missing?

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