Is Record Store Day RSD a Rip Off?

Record Store Day for all of it’s good and bad has been a conflicting topic for me for a while.




2 thoughts on “Is Record Store Day RSD a Rip Off?”


    The warmth and crackle of a great OLD vinyl record comes from recordings cut to analog tape, mixed to analog tape and mastered for analog plates. AAA. All these recordings that have an original digital recording will not sound the same.

    It’s great to see a “new” product out by “The Kinks” but is it really? Have you heard the songs before?

    Cool limited exclusive re-productions that you’ve already bought years ago and probably with higher quality sonics. Record companies are making a fortune selling double LPs for $50 and single LPs for $25 for re-releases they’ve already made a ton on and for records that were never recorded or mastered for analog… CDs were never $25… and vinyl was always cheaper than cassettes…. Feeling bamboozled yet?

    It’s definitely a great idea that has turned into a turd pretty quick.

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