Corporate H-1B visa abuse, Questoinable Refugee agenda

H-1B visa program abuse

Last year, Disney World fired 250 American workers and replaced them with cheaper foreign workers, through the H-1B visa program.” The fallacy of “work Americans aren’t willing to do.” It’s more like “work American business is not willing to pay for.” This is how America fails unless we stand up to it by voting with our dollars. You won’t hear about a boycott though. People will get more upset over the most idiotic things that shall remain unnamed.

“Refugees” aka EU infiltration of Muslim men of fighting age

A female refugee center worker has come out to expose her treatment by the “refugees” and what is going on in the camp. “At first she said was enthusiastic in her role of helping process tens of thousands of migrants arriving in Germany on a weekly basis. Now, she says she is disillusioned, disheartened and on the verge of quitting due to demands and sexual harassment.”

“It is well known that it is mainly single men who come here – about 65 per cent, many less than 25-years-old. More and more men from North Africa, from Morocco, Tunisia or Libya are arriving here.”

The motives of governments around the world encouraging this infiltration are unknown but crimes of theft and sexual assaults are on the rise, despite the insistence of German and American officials that things are going just fine.

Existing Establishment, No Changes

Aging infrastructure and bankrupt cities. America is in big trouble, yet unchecked madness being funded into the military industrial complex. We are supposed to have a system of checks and balances but people are happy with partisan division. While you are divided, all of your tax dollars are going to more death and destruction (war and pseudo-war). 2 parties with one mission – keep the cash flowing to the banks and war profiteers. Hope and change, build a wall and other slogans. Rock the vote for the establishment, support the troops denied of Heath care, defeat the terrorists we fund. It’s all the same old game. Vote for Hillary or Jeb and you’ll be no further ahead. ‪#FlintWaterCrisis

Wal*Mart store closings is so incredible it’s able to put the hurt on Wal*Mart. The times, they are a changing. Just goes to show the impact of “voting with the wallet”.

Wal*Mart is closing 269 stores, and 159 of them in the U.S. 102 stores in the U.S. are Wal*Mart Express convenience stores. I applaud the company for the experiment because growth is the formula for success. This is exactly why this development is so alarming. If Wal*Mart’s presence is saturated and the company is already closing stores, there’s no reason to hold on to their stock. It’s time for investors to take a second look at Amazon.

The remaining stores closing are in Latin America, including Brazil and Puerto Rico. As the financial markets show signs of distress and foreign markets experience faltering economies, investors need to pay more attention to impact on retail.

Chipotle’s company-wide store closing Feb 8

The Chipotle brand is DEAD IMHO. Seriously a shame. I am really beginning to question ORGANIC food sourcing. To me organic is great when you grow your own. Who knows how big agra is handling it? Cases of norovirus, E. coli and salmonella have been found where Organic food is sold and the experts have no clue! Remember this? “Chipotle Mexican Grill stands out for its commitment to “Food with Integrity.” This means serving foods made with local, sustainably produced—and often organic—vegetables and beans and meats from naturally raised—not factory farm—animals.”

Stockholders need to cut their losses and Chiopotle needs to re-brand. I don’t see how anyone could have confidence in their food safety with their track record.

Terrorist Use of Social Media Unchallenged

Widow sues Twitter for aiding ISIS

You can get kicked off of Twitter for being politically incorrect but somehow for some reason ISIS gets free pass. “According to its online “transparency report,” Twitter honored 42 percent of the 1,003 removal requests submitted by governments, law enforcement and courts worldwide from January to June 2015, but none of the 25 requests in the United States.”

Well that’s odd, isn’t it?

Regular or Unleaded?

If anyone still had a sliver of faith left in government… The Flint water situation is beyond revolting. On Twitter people seem to think the best way of solving the situation is finding someone to blame when the situation is extremely complex. Historic unemployment which was a direct result of plant relocation and outsourcing leading to lower tax revenue and eventual bankruptcy. Poverty. Crumbling and dangerous infrastructure. No money to fix any of it. No money to pay the debt from today or yesterday. Enter big government with no-nonsense audits and financial management. Incompetent government entities testing water and giving the thumbs up. Shift money toward crippling debt by using Flint’s original water treatment system. But lo and behold, the old system had lead pipes. Makes you wonder how many years Flint residents drank leaded water BEFORE they were sourcing it from Detroit and did they know? Did they cover it up? How soon can they fix it? Subtracting those who are just looking for a quick political attack, who really cares? I spoke with Sandra Bernhardt of all people on Twitter about this issue and she said: “Penny wise, pound foolish.” I could tell she really cared. And she was right. How much money will the state pay for a fatal (!) mistake they made trying to save money? There are some resources that should be a priority. It seems to me that water of all things should be priority #1.

2016 Timeline

On this blog I hope to cover the news timeline for 2016

Monday, January 11

David Bowie died of cancer at age 69. He just celebrated his birthday and release a new album, “Blackstar” two days prior. Many believe he timed his death to his album release. One of my very favorite artists for decades. Very, very sad. Twitter and Facebook were log jammed with tributes and stories.

Media fixation: A resident was interviewed after a fire at a Tulsa apartment complex. Several media outlets poked fun at her. I think it’s racist and also wonder what different reaction they would have if she was white.

Sean Penn’s interview with Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the Mexican drug-lord  plays a role in his arrest. Authorities say that he will be extradited to an American prison in a year.

Tuesday, January 12

Milo Yiannopoulos Claims He Was Un-Verified On Twitter For Being Conservative. Despite terror organizations actively recruiting on Twitter, apparently, being the Associate Editor for is repulsive enough to get your Twitter account sidelined. Free speech and equal access?

Media fixation: Hillary’s edge is slipping as Bernie Sander’s numbers almost equal hers as his number grows to 39%.  Clinton is at 43% and there are only 21 days until the primary election.

The stock markets are down as investors react to China’s slipping markets. DOW is @16k. Apple stock is below $100 a share at $96.

Opinion #1

I see police having military assault vehicles like the MRAP as a threat to freedom and humanity. They end up being used not against terrorist but against regular Americans. Sound cannons, rubber bullets, tanks, tear gas all used on peaceful protesters on a regular basis. Military weapons used to fight Constitutional rights such as protest (assembly) and speech, all under the guise of a “Liberal” president (who’s actions are exactly like his predecessor). [Response to Michigan’s Macomb County Sheriff’s Department receiving an MRAP from the federal government through the DoD surplus program.]

More: Macomb, Oakland sheriffs to get surplus armored vehicles

Opinion #2

The technological equivalent to being a vegetarian in the 21st century would be to abandon cell phone use. I may be on board… only I love having a small computer in my pocket. Can you imagine having a deactivated phone in your pocket and using it to read news and playing music? I can. I’m 99.9% there. This guy would be the Vegan of technology. He carries nothing and he’s happy.